Matt Horwich fight?

My buddy keeps telling me that Horwich has/had a fight this weekend against a well known Canadian fighter. I have no idea what event, and I can't find any info anywhere about this. No results, no weigh in pics, no fight card, nothing. I don't know anything else about the card.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? If so, what event? When? Results (if it was Friday night)? Thanks.

it was the IFL (Horwich was a last second replacement on the TigerSharks) and he lost by RNC to Jamal Patterson, who was making his MMA debut, but is a serious monster on the grappling circuit.

thanks, but that wasn't it. It was something either this weekend or next. I'm starting to think that either he or I dreamed it up as I seriously can't find ANY evidence of another Horwich fight since Patterson.