Matt Horwich KOs Homeless man over Cheeseburger

MMA Fighter Matt Horwich talks Multi-Universe and limitless potential, artistic free spirits and more. Horwich discusses his training at Kings MMA under Rafael Cordeiro, his recent win streak over seas and wanting to be a super hero. Horwich would like to play Wolverine’s brother in a movie and hopes to become an action based actor. Horwich also discusses having to beat up a homeless person over a cheeseburger. Horwich had to go nuts and knock the man out; gaining his first ever KO. Horwich also has been using music and measurements of beats to improve his striking. Horwich also discusses working with Fabricio Werdum is a world filled with limitless potential.


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A... Trip Phone Post

This man strikes me as the type of guy who would blow up a Burger King with his mind.

Horwich, you frighten me.

Talk about Batshit crazy. Phone Post

Definitely a fan of Matt since his IFL days. Strange cat though.

Such a big fan of Horwich. Truly a free-thinker.

I feel like the Al Snow character with the head is based on Matt Phone Post

He's not crazy.. He's enlightened. Try looking into some of what he's talking about. He has a great attitude and seems like he's a really nice guy Phone Post

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Seems like a great guy...has kind of a Roy Nelson look right now since the last time i saw him. Matt "Little Country limitless potential" Horwich

Love Matt Horwich. 

Natives fighting over cheeseburgers with surfboards ? Crazy man this Horowitz Phone Post

Im not sold on his subscription to string theory and related topics...for some reason i just get the vibe hes regurgitating stuff he has read and doesn't truely understand the concepts. Phone Post

^^^^^lmfao i think he was homeless at the time actually.  


My old office is right by king's MMA and I always see Matt wondering the streets, i thought he was the homesless guy.


Hung out with him a little bit at 10th planet a while back. Super rad guy. Knows his stuff. Phone Post