Matt Hughes' Logic

After Matt and Rich watched the guys train for the first two weeks, they were able to determine to who would best be suited for their team. Both episode #3 HWT's were picked 2nd last and last, indicating that Brad and Rob were not high on both Champ's list of top competitors. An educated decision from two UFC Champions. Both HWT's showed that they are not at the level they need to be at for the BIG SHOW. The slow triangle and the non-existance triangle defence says it all. Hopefully things pick up from here.

From Matt's knowledge of Rob injury coupled with his performance during training(lack of heart comment by Hughes). It was wise for Matt to choice Rob to fight, sacrafice the weakest link. An injury such as Rob's would not benefit the Matt's team and would only hurt them in future competitions. So by putting Rob up, it was a "win, win situation" for the Hughes team (if he wins good, if he loses than, too bad.

Matt definately made it known that he believed that Rob did not meet his standards, and it seems like he may be taking a little heat for it. His opinion should be valued, he is the current UFC Champion and has more experience coaching competitors than most people.

Props to Rob for going in and fighing with such and injury, but I think (It's only my opinion) that Matt was correct with his choice.

if he was correct hed have picked a fight that theyd win and give the injured guy a chance to recover

Regardless of wether or not Rob was to be replaced by an alternate (which probably would be on a lower level than Rob) or fight the fight, Rob should've seen a doctor. That's why you have Doctor-Patient confidentiality. You should never fear seeing a doctor.

This "sacrifice a man" like it's a chess pawn when you are talking this level of injury, is ridiculous.

"if he was correct hed have picked a fight that theyd win and give the injured guy a chance to recover"

Rob's injury needed surgery to fix. He wasn't going to "recover". It was a good call. Either he fight now, or quit now (honourably IMO). His injury would only be getting worse with the training they were doing.