Matt Lindland Interview - Part 1

From the Championship to the Statehouse: MMAOpinion Talks to Matt Lindland (Part 1)

By Josh Stein.

On Tuesday, September 2nd I sat down with one of the most interesting and controversial fighters in the brief history of mixed martial arts; Matt “The Law” Lindland. There are many who cite him as an intelligent figure in a sport once dubbed “human cockfighting,” and there are many who note him as an Olympic silver medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling, a truly legitimate and phenomenal athlete, who led the way for athletes to come to this sport and flourish.

He appeared on Larry King Live with now-UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock and Presidential hopeful John McCain to discuss the legality of the sport, in its beginnings, and he is truly a warrior in ever sense of the word.

For those who haven’t heard much on Matt’s latest activities, he is currently running for the House of Representatives in the State of Oregon, District 42, and has already won the Republican nomination. He has an upcoming fight with Trevor Prangley on the next Affliction card and he’s cornering everyone from Dan Henderson, in Dan’s fight at UFC 88, to Chael Sonnen, who will fight Paulo Filho for the WEC world middleweight title on September 10th.

This interview has been broken into two parts. In the first, I talked to Matt about his upcoming fights, his thoughts on what’s going on in the fight world right now and his take on a few of the latest matchups. In the second we discussed his political campaign, his personal philosophy and what’s going on right now in his very active business life.

What do you guys think so far?

So he thinks Chael is better than Hendo?

He's got a lot of things to say about who he thinks is better than who. Second part of the interview is up on the site as well.


Yea, he fixed the "42" after I posted it up here, haha...nice pic though.

I like his socks...they're pretty big.

Nice -- I missed part one the first time around. Thanks for posting it.

That's pretty cool there's still some loyalty to Couture... I had just read Couture's autobiography and he implied some friction that they were trying to sort out.

Lindland comes off confident but not cocky. I wonder how much time he has left in the sport though...