Matt Riddle: Breaking News!

From Knockout Radio:

Matt Riddle has moved out of his Mom's house, to Arizona where he is currently training with CB Dollaway. More importantly, this weekend he'll be going to the DMV to attempt getting his Driver's License. Congrats to "The Smiley One" and best wishes on the driving exam!

Hey Dead Again,

I don't remember from who but I'm almost sure it was from TAKU, a member here. It's my favorite quote of all time.

LOL... well thanks for the great quote then. Did you do secret santa this year? That's when I remember seeing it... I think. I'm old so I can't remember things so well anymore.

no more rat pack?


Now that you mention it... I think I saw it on your Myspace. You have a lot of cool quotes on there, right?

^ LOL... I should have asked him that. Next time I'll remember to ask.

There will be a film crew documenting this adventure. The plus side for Matt is if he gets it it is good for 50 years.

Matt is the first guest in MTX Fight House

 Tim posts here, he should be able to answer the xbox 360 question =)

 I think RIddle could be a star.

^ Absolutely.

And it's cool that they'll be filming this for Matt. I look forward to seeing that.

hes like a less skilled Forrest Griffin.

Training with CB? Sounds like a final two...

I now need to be a little more cautious on the roads...need to look out for that smiley bastard

Congrats : )

I was reading several of the fighters blogs earlier and read on one of them (don't remember who) saying he did get it.

Riddle by Left Hand Turn Signal Round 1...

Dude. I <3 Mr. Smiley and good for him getting of the lamb and actually getting his rear to the DMV.

CB is the real deal so if anybody can smack that smile out, he can :D :D

Hard not to like Riddle; seems to be the genuine article and made a fan out of me.

Hope is nickname becomes the "Riddler".

Tim Credeur make sure you get the X Box to Matt!!

 Riddle needs to get on here. Also, we need to get his xbox gamer tag.

No doubt I agree the best place for Matt Riddle to be is at a great team with great trainers and great training partners. Matt "the Future" Riddle is gonna be a force in the next couple years. His XBOX360 was mailed today. I actually had the system for a couple weeks but Matt wanted me to wait until he got settled into his new digs in Arizona and could get me a solid address there. Again I officially report the XBOX360 has been mailed to Matt Riddle via Priority Mail through our trusty US Post Office system. I have the tracking number and will be ensuring its delivery myself. Good Luck, take it light bro. No need to thank me the kid earned it.

Peace, Tim Credeur, i've heard of nice gestures after a fight, but an x-box 360....sweet, plus add in that riddle is getting his license, makes me feel like I'm 16 again.

Anyways good luck to Matt.