Matt Serra Should Get more respect

After this

Fluke wins happen and that was one of the best examples of all time. He'll lose the title in his first defense.

He caught out a disinterested GSP and earned the win. Stop hating.

'Mockery of the sport' would be having guys fight in a main event - without the belt on the line.

Maybe a dive? Has UFC turned into boxing?

doctorvannostran you're a f'ing jackoff. keep criticizing matt from your keyboard while he's fighting at the highest level and doing it with much success.


Right, it's silly that Serra should win just because he landed one or fifteen lucky punches. He should need to get your personal approval first before being crowned the champ.

Gonna be a lot of sandy vaginas over this one....

"complete mockery of the sport. he doesnt deserve that win. should have never happened. #1 ww getting beat by a guy who is not top 20"

WTF EVER!!!! Give me a break... rankings are subjective at best and Matt BEAT HIS ASS FAIR AND SQUARE...

Someone named St. Pierre said the same thing I believe...

Grow up...

I agree Serra won fair and square and he deserves a lot of respect for doing so.