Matt Serra vs Nick Diaz?

since Diaz beat Gomi, and Serra beat GSP, I think this is the only fight that will make sense

Best Idea Ive heard in ages.

might as, its a good match-up.

I'd take Diaz too.

They are both very loyal Gracie guys... I don't see them fighting.

yeah, i doubt Dana will make this happen after Nick's interview saying the UFC treats him like a hooker.

Serra won and deserves a rest. I say pit Hughes and KOS against each other and the winner faces Serra.

Nick rov you rong time

never happen, Renzo has cornered Diaz bfore..Cesar and Renzo are close..Cesar cornered Renzo when he fought Frank recently..

would never happen..

yellow card for shit talking

Renzo and Cesar are very close. In Cesar's early days of his academy in California, Renzo used to come over quite often. Also, like somebody mentioned earlier Renzo cornered Nick when he fought Karo and Cesar is also Renzo's manager. If it did happen, I think it would be a great fight although I would have to give the advantage to Diaz. Nick has a good reach advantage, good boxing skills, can take a punch and although he may not be a black belt yet, he can surely hang with anybody on the ground.

Serra and Diaz are professionals. They also belong to two very BIG sucessful camps, but do not train together regularly. I'm sure, IF the money was right, that they'd proudly fight each other.

ps. I'd actually pick Diaz due to the whole styles make fights thing. Although if Serra can get the single on Diaz, then I doubt Diaz would sweep him without risking the guard pass...

pps. Diaz's bro is on the new TUF and Diaz still has a contract with Pride, right? How is he not working with Dana now then?