Matt Thornton Rocks So.Cal.!!!

Alright guys, IT'S ON!

Matt Thornton, President and founder of Straightblast Gym International and BJJ Black Belt, will be doing a two day seminar at Centerline Gym in Bellflower.

When: Saturday and Sunday May 1st and 2nd

Where: Centerline Gym, Bellflower

Time: 11am-3pm

Price:$110 Pre-register ($90 SBGI/CLG members) $130 @the door.

Registration is on a first come first served basis as space is limited. Don't wait! You've heard the stories, you've seen the videos, now come train with the man that has changed the way so many people train in the JKD/mma world.

To pre-register or for more info visit:

Ladies and Gentlemen......the Matt Thornton Experience (cue music)


I'm in.

Sir Jerry, pls e-mail me again your contact info at


Oh. And pls include topics covered/curriculum, etc.

Hi Toby,

Glad to hear you're on board. If you want to pre-register all the info is on the website. And you've got mail.

Looking forward top seeing you again.




This just in.....

In addition to the stellar stand up/clinch/ground material that the SBG has become known for, by popular demand, Matt Thornton will also be covering the SBG stick curriculum the "S.M.A.C." program.

S.M.A.C., which stands for Stickfighting Methods And Counters, "is designed to be functional in the full contact environment, or in a self defense situation. This program will change the way you view dealing, using, and defending against impact weapons."

Those with soft stick and/or rattan sticks may want to bring them.

Cut off date for pre-registration will be Wednesday, 4/28. Sign up now. Space is limited!


It all depends if I pass my driving test on April 29 if I'm going or not. Damn US traffic rules! =)



I was able to get a private in with Matt, and it was as great as expected. First rate material. I will defintely be working the material we covered in the next few months of training BJJ.

Thanks to everyone that attended.

As usual I had a fantastic time with Jerry, and much thanks to Jerry and Gigi for their hospitality.

It was a great group, and I really enjoyed the weekend.

It was also very nice to see my own Coach Chris Haueter. His Jits game always amazes me. . .for a guy at 155lbs his tight top game, guard passing skills, and use weight/base is really something.


It was a great pleasure to attend your seminar and to meet you in person. You gave me so many new insights into my stand up game. Will definitely be trying to put them all into practice.
That time you had me try and make an alive drill with the SMAC program was also an eye opener and gave some insights on how to drill alive and safely, something I will definitely put time into. Not having a coach versed in the crazy monkey/SMAC methods down here will, in all likelihood, necessitate that.
All in all, I had a fantastic time and am already looking forward to your next seminar. If I had to do it all again (including that damnable two hour drive back and forth...grumble, grumble....), I definitely would!

P.S. Will be sending you the shots of the class when I get them developed.....

Thank you very much Mars. It was truly a pleasure to meet you.


The pleasure was mine.

Didn't realize you knew Vanderlei Silva...could you get me an autograph next time??? LOL.... (private joke)....

Chris taught last night (Wed) and said he was still sore as hell from rolling with you. :-)

Chris's game looks sharp, no doubt.