Matt Thornton seminar in Kingston!

Dear fellow martial artists,

I am happy to announce that Matt Thornton of the Straight Blast
Gym will be teaching a special 2-day Seminar at Canada's Best
Karate. The seminar will take place on Saturday March 6 and
Sunday March 7, 2004.

On day 1 of the seminar Matt will be covering the stick fighting /
weapons curriculum of the SBG. Here is what Matt had to say
about this topic:

"The stick program I teach is called Stickfighting. Methods. And.
Counters, or the S.M.A.C program. It takes about 5 hours to teach,
and contains all the SBGi stickfighting curriculum.

It's composed solely of high percentage, easy to use stickfighting
basics that have been tested over and over again against
aggressive and skilled athletes. Although the program can be
taught in a day, the material is composed of the same basic skills,
drills, and techniques that one can, and should, work for the rest
of their lives. And it's all 100% Alive."

Day 2 of the seminar will feature more "alive training" including
cutting-edge standup (Crazy Monkey!), clinch and ground skills.

Details and registration information are available on our website:

All indications are that this seminar will be well supported. Please
register early to confirm your attendance (and to save $).