Matt Wiman

Does anyone know where he is or what he's been up too? Is he still fighting? Phone Post 3.0

Is he still handsome? Phone Post 3.0

Last fight I can recall personally is when he subbed sass...can't remember Phone Post 3.0

I think his last fight was a loss to grant. He's a really fun fighter to watch. Hope he gets a fight soon Phone Post 3.0

I miss his scent... I wish I knew how to quit him! Phone Post 3.0

I like watching Wiman fight. On his day, he's a beast. Phone Post 3.0

A handsome succulent beast. Phone Post

Yeah he got pummelled byt Grant and hasn't come up in anything since. I was always a fan of his.

Completely forgot about him.

Good fighter though. Phone Post 3.0

There was a thread a month or so ago with some info on him.

Think he is taking some time off Phone Post 3.0

should come back and fight someone like winner of healy and tibau or loser

MountainMedic - Is he still handsome? Phone Post 3.0

Of course.

This is the 3rd Where's Matt Wiman thread in the past 6 months. But still we have no answers. Phone Post 3.0