Mauro Ranallo Joins HCF Broadcast

Mauro Ranallo has been a professional broadcaster since the tender age of 16. Over the past 20 years he’s served as the voice of many sports events. Football, Hockey and Wrestling are just a few of the sports Mauro has taken to another level.


His talent for extemporaneous commentary is unparalleled in any sport. Hardcore Championship Fighting is pleased to announce that Mr. Ranallo is now the voice of our organization.


“I have worked with Mauro for the past 8 years. Having him head up our broadcast team guarantees our spot amongst the world’s elite productions," said HCF CEO Keith Crawford. "There really isn’t anything he can’t do when it comes to announcing.”


Ranallo will be joining HCF Colour Commentator Showdown Joe Ferraro to solidify Hardcore Championship Fighting's broadcast team as the nation's premier broadcasting duo for the sport of mixed martial arts.

He's no J.T. McCarthy...but he'll do.

good score. Pride dropped the ball IMO.

A great addition!

Mauro genuinely loves the sport and for that I respect him and wish him luck.

Thanks Dougie !

In all seriousness, Mauro is a stud. He's a great addition to any team and with him and Sho Joe running the game, it will be the best kind of disaster one could expect.

I'll be looking to see which guy shows up at the next show wearing a neckbrace from all the "goose-necking" that'll go on trying to check out the ring girls all night and every event LOL !


Somebody ban McCarthy.

Pride sucks now that he's not there. Continuing it's downward spiral.

Joe has better hair.

Great addition, Mauro knows his stuff.

Tell him not to put on his "announcer voice" so much.


He is very knowledgeable about mma and I like him and all, but I have to agree with C-Hamzeh ^^^ Even when I worked in radio that "announcer-voice" drove me crazy. Some people try too hard for that sound when just talking naturally will do. Show us your knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport without the voice.

I like the announcing voice. It let's me know that the anouncer is talking and not just some guy that doesn't know anything about fights. know...they announce records and stuff.

Mauro is the BEST!!

mauro has called some of my fights and if you think of it ..... its not an easy job do to what he does and he just makes it seem so easy