Max vs Conor 2 at LW?

Hell If Im Max, maybe wait for Conor/Chandler and in the fall get some of that red panty night against Conor.


Conor after first round would look like he belongs a few leagues below :smile:

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Conor claimed he is looking to have eight fights next year. In the past he has said he wanted four fights in a year. As of now he has had three fights since 2020 started and we don’t know how he will look in the Chandler fight.

Max said he wants a shot at Topuria and that makes sense for him.

Maybe Conor does start competing a lot but I would not bet on it.

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8 fights…

Yeah…and I gunna win the power ball 8 times.

Fuck Conor. …

He clipped both Dustin and Max on the back of the head when they fought the first time…

Conors time is over


Max also didn’t seem to rule out the Connor fight

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Of course, nobody rules out the Conor fight. Max clearly is going to focus on what lines up though and thats a FW title shot.

He knew UFC was giving the next LW title shot to Gaethje, the Oliveira/Tsarukyan winner or Dustin and there was a waiting line there they won’t let him skip. He also knows Volk just got KOed 2x.

On top of all that he knows its “who the fuck knows” when Conor takes another fight after he finally does the Chandler fight.

The stars are aligned for him to get a title shot in the fall and thats too good to pass up. UFC skipped Topuria over Max on the way to the title for a reason. They knew this might be their next title fight and they knew they couldn’t do Volk Max IV.

Regardless of any of them winning their next couple fights…

There is money on the table with Conor vs Diaz, Max, Dustin, Gaethje, Charles and Makhachev in the future if Conor wants to fight.

All those guys a pretty famous stars now, not just Conor, all make great B sides for everyone to make money towards the end of their careers.

Conor’s gonna get KOed by chandler

I’d rather see max beat topuria then avenge against volk.

If he regains the fw title by dethroning the undefeated champ then finally beats volk after everyone counted him out it would be the greatest comeback in ufc history

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Fuck Conman.

Max is legions above that clown. He has no need to fight him again.

Conman can live off beating a 13yr old green Max. It’s all he has and it means nothing because Max has had a much better career than Conman and cemented himself as a living legend last night while McFelon is a living clown.

Onwards and upwards for Max. His car doesn’t even have a rearview mirror so he can’t even see Conman, not that you can see that far back in a mirror anyway.

As for money, Max has plenty.

Max is a real fighter.

If you want to be a richer asshole that is an alcoholic coke head that doesn’t fight then I guess Conman is your mold. That ain’t Max.

Would you rather be a fucking legend with some of the greatest fights in history and a great title reign with enough money for a great life in Hawaii or a loser that is a drunk drug addict in Ireland that doesn’t fight and only tweets trying desperately to cling to any fame and attention they can because that’s the only worth they have in life in their pea brain?

I would like to see Max get a big payday and put a beating on Connor.

Conor hasn’t beaten a quality opponent since Obama was President. He’s the one chasing the red panty nights at this stage.


Maybe Max gets FW strap then fights Conor this fall at lightweight. Doesn’t make sense but ufc only cares about $$ so they’d do it if Connor wanted it as Max would be as popular as ever going into that fight.