Maximology & Perf. Breathing

I just finished viewing tapes 1-4 of Maximology, and
I seemed to have missed a part of the Performance
Breathing exercises, namely the oxygen debt recovery
and the how-to's of 2nd wind.

I saw the part where Scott says the seminar participants will do an exercise (off-tape) to induce oxygen debt. The tape then cuts to Scott showing how
silly panting and moaning looks when recovering your
breath, but I couldn't make out what the proper
breathing technique is. The tape then goes straight
to the vibration drills.

On the 2nd wind, Scott talks a bit about how it is
possible to tap into that feeling, but I am still a
bit confused about how to reach that level other than
doing it the old-fashioned way, i.e., keep going until
your body collapses or you get your 2nd wind.

If these topics are readdressed on tape 5, which I
presume is the Circular Strength section, I apologize
for the question.

PStuart, I said off-tape that the 2nd Wind work is in the Trainer, not the Instructor certication course.

If you still need direction let me know.

OK. I can see that the 2nd wind is a more advanced
technique. I think you also said that on-tape, but
I wasn't paying attention to the trainer/instructor

What about the oxygen debt recovery breath? It
looked like your breaths focused on the exhale, but
I am not sure if I was observing the correct thing.

You observed it correctly. I elaborate on the techy side in my book. Focus on the vibrational or explosive exhalation - proactively, counter-actively and retro-actively.

Thanks. Overall I'm very pleased by the tapes,
especially the breathing and core sections. Your
materials (also have WW1 and BB) are so different
from anything else I've seen before. I've never
done Pilates, but from my experience yoga focuses
separately on breathing and structure, with little
movement, let alone all three in one.

You mention in your latest rant about overcoming
dyslexia. I know from my in-laws how limiting it
can be and how little was done in the past to
unleash the potential of those suffering from it.

Thanks for your kind words.

Until 2nd Grade I wrote mirror-writing because they imposed right-handedness on the entire class. One "innovative" educator placed the pencil in my left hand and "Voila!" they revoked my pass for the short-bus. :)

Regarding dyslexia, it's a strange "dis-order" that gave me the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective, one without right-left prejudice. Great for fighting (terrible for memorized kata and boxing combinations - LOL!)

BTW, I didn't overcome dyslexia. I overcame the pathological perspective of it. The clinical medical tradition seems to amply disable anyone outside the current definition of normalcy. I gladly stand as far away from that fast-food eatin' television watchin' game station playin' demarcation.

Every pathology is the shadow aspect of some unique personal genius. Our goal is to look away from the shadow and towards our shining which casts it.

Coach Sonnon,

Great article!

I was wondering if I could pass it on to friends and
family. Very inspirational words.



Chuck, that's why I wrote it, amigo.





"Every pathology is the shadow aspect of some unique personal genius."

Damn that's good!

Can I steal that?

Nope, it's TM'd. LOL.

'course. Am I my brother's keeper?

Yes, your are.