Maybe Dana should be upset with Rogan, not GSP...

I mean, GSP just wanted to get outta there's and get some ice on his face. Rogan pushed. St. Pierre didn't really want to talk about it. Rogan pushed the issue.

GSP didn't really seem like he was even really fully recovered from the fight.

Maybe Joe is the one that Dana should be mad at. Georges woulda probably talked to him before making any of his decisions. Instead he got prodded while he was minutes after a 25 minute war. He might've been a little bit emotional at that moment. Phone Post 3.0

I just think it's pretty uncouth of Dana to be going off like he is at GSP. I'm not even really a GSP fan. He got put on the spot. He was full of emotion. Phone Post 3.0

that's not a good look for Joe...and i'm a fan...not a good look at all

agreed. Dana needs to learn how to treat his fighters with some respect. Especially ones that represent the sport in such an upstanding fashion.

controversial decision or not, fighters shouldn't be put on the spot after getting their eggs scrambled for 25 mins.