Maybe let them get drunk before the fight?

I've seen better brawls at the local honkey tonk.

I'm going to have to watch some PROFESSIONAL BOXING now to wash the skillessness from my brain.

Why do you think Abe was throwing up. Lol

Well, if they were drinking they'd bleed more. Win/Win.

I guess the talent at Heavyweight really is that thin. Worst fight I've seen on the show.

I don't know what you guys expected. Heavyweight fights are usually garbage.

HW fights are the best

 It was ultimate toughman. Neither fighter has the skill to compete in the UFC. This season looked good on paper but after watching these scrubs fight and seeing the level of talent they assembled for the show, this has the potential of being a ratings disaster for Spike. These guys better bring some drama in the house or people are going to be changing the channel. Kimbo is all they have this season as a ratings draw, he better not lose too soon.

ya i was pumped for this season but after watching tonights fight and seeing many of the hvwts i think we are in for a ton of terrible fights...Kimbo, win or lose at least has good hands and will be fun to watch whereas most of the other guys(not Sims or nelson) just seem to be big with football experience and thats it..lofl....

im keeping fingers crossed though..