Maybe the funniest thing ever.

GSP vs Nick Diaz unreleased interview.

Petey may be the coolest cat on sherdog

His georges was alright, but the nick was spot on.

Nuggets of gold sprinkled throughout!

Why you crossing your ankles, George ?

Iwishiknewhowtoquityoujuijitsu. Phone Post

"Dry Hump From Hell" sounds like my high school career. Phone Post

Bullet holes In books lol
Gold. Phone Post

BDW_1983 - 

Bullet holes In books lol
Gold. Phone Post

I can't use those books no more

How I'm suppose to use those books now


In Phone Post

Good shit Phone Post

awesome Phone Post

Was getting epic at the end.  Wish it kept going.

so good!

There's just gotta be more. Phone Post

Love this guys videos I thought he stopped maling them he has a flawless Wandy impression Phone Post

Making* Phone Post

Lmao classic Phone Post