So I was laying in bed last night trying to stop the room from spinning and a thought came to me. What was the coolest part my UFC 56 experience. Was it the fact that I saw 6 midgets, the curtains in my room were motorized (you have no idea how cool that is until you play with them when you are drunk), or was it the fact that I got to meet and have a drink with our leader Mayhem Miller. I am going to have to go with the Mayhem experience. And yes it was an experience. I enjoyed every part of it and had to fight every urge to drop my pants and dance. So thank you Mayhem you are a person well worthy of having a cult and me as a devoted follower.

Now drop you pants and dance squirrel necks.

quatro duecce niner

501 reporting for duty sir! Dana! UFC 57 Mayhem v. anybody! Make it happen!


dreams do come true.

How does MayHem find the time to train between filming sessions of his new sitcom on FOX?

What an animal!!

Put another vote in for MaYhEm vs ANYONE....


I just saw Dana White getting into his Bentley in front of the MGM and I called him a squirrel neck for not getting Mayhem another fight in the UFC yet. He looked at me really weird and told me to take my medication.


Don't confuse the cult members with your squirrel necked mom joeinkc2.

We need a letter writing campaign for Mayhem to get back into the UFC.

Someone get the snail mail address of the UFC.

dana....keep mayhem OUT of UFC 56

HAHAH me and Mayehm got SUPER drunk last night....good times

I want the address for the UFC. I shall start my letter writing campaign asap.

ttt 4 the snail mail addy!

Mayham would get tooled by Josh Koscheck"- Nate Quarry

My First letter will read:

Attn: Dana White,

Please have Jason "MAYHEM" Miller back to the UFC ASAP or I will go all fah-reeky deekey.

That is all.

Your friend,


P.S. Couture will take Chuck out!

All the monkeys should venture together on the Ji-Had!!!! to Dana's office


Mayhem has such beautiful teeth, they are just so shiny.

TTT for our Leader!!!


Doesn't anyone have UFC's office address?


Awwwww...u all suck.

I not only got to meet Mayhem I think I bought Useless and like 5 other onlookers a drink. #429 is happy he contributed to Mayhem getting drunk. I will look into the home address of UFC