Mayhem intvw Baroni on FCTV(vid)

We caught up w/ Phil Baroni at the Rumble on the Rock weigh-ins and had a chance to catch up w/ him on his training and his fight w/ Yuki Kondo.

Monkey madness is spreading!


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Hey - where can we get that shirt Baroni is wearing?


"Hey - where can we get that shirt Baroni is wearing?"

i believe that's one of rich chou's creations of cool eh...


No, it cuts short for me as well.

somebody have the whole interview ?

not me

guys, it sounds like a utube problem. sometimes when too many people r trying to download @ the same time, their site gets overtaxed n vids get cut short. keep trying.

Mayhem Madness Association?

Phil cracks me up - he should enter the ring @ his next fight wearing a gi, that would be priceless!

TTT for the NYBA

Watch out for his BJJ!!!

ttt for nyba judo chop

the shirt is a new one from a new project... FightLab... :-)
here's their logo...

and NO... it doesn't have anything to do with RAZE (before anyone starts asking)

i just like the guys doing this project and am not smart enough to realize the perils of promoting the competition... :-)

Since MMA is illegal in my very own state - I want that shirt.

But you know RAZE is my very, very, very favorite! :-)

*blush*... :-)

hey i want that shirt too!!!... lol
throwback to the old "skateboarding is not a crime" shirts we used to wear back in the day... :-)


shit raze, was that urs? crap. sorry man.

"shit raze, was that urs? crap. sorry man."

is what mine?
the design?
no no no... you were right...
it's rich's new thing...
i was just being nice guy and helping promote it on this thread...
like i said, this is NOT a RAZE graphic... it's a FIGHTLAB graphic... which we have nothing to do with, but DO like the stuff... :-)