MayheM training for WEC (vid)

Mayhem beating little kids at Air Hockey

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Video courtesy of Ryan Loco.

ttt :)

Nice! "Cheat to win" I always say. Those little punks dont know who their dealing with!

MayheM's cat-like reflexes and pin point hand-eye coordination clearly on display in this training video...

Lol he's inspiring #189

puts on Tapout shirt & beanie and goes to nearby middle school to start a fight

my six year old would make mayhem beg for mercy..super-light-middle-bantam-rooster-heavy-feather-unlimited weight air hockey champion of humboldt county...Brandon "the war bonet" Taylor..


509 MayheM loves the kidz!

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Mayhem only wishes he was Fabes imo!



the 15 cupcakes line still cracks me up