mayhem's ufc entrance music

what should it be?

Hip to be square


Bitch Betta Have My Money.

Money Talks

Mama said knock you a joke about KTFO!


I seriously think it would be dope if he came out to Journey's "DONT STOP BELIEVIN" HOLD ON TO THAT FEEEEEEEELIN!

OMG, I would probably cry from boy listens to that song before he fights, it calms him down...lololol

"Gay Bar" by Electric Six

Ufcbarbarian beat me to it.... great minds think alike 

I will survive ............

2pac - Hit em' up

Slap your Bitch up... by The Prodigy
Money to tight to mention.....Mick Hucknall

If he came out to Mama said knock you out, It would be the funniest thing ever in an inside joke sorta way.

Mo Money Mo Problems! lol!

That Jayz song Bounce w/me Bounce w/me. Can i get a woop woop! Like the check! lol!

HEY, DIRTY!, Baby I gotcho money don'tcha worry...

mayhem.. good luck and i hope you come out w/a win :)

howlee boy can scrap!

Howlee boy?

He also should use a sound bite form the movie Friday. "Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions Smokey" - Big Worm.