maynard pooped his shorts?

did anyone else notice the dark 'sweat' sports on his ass during the 2nd round? also when he just ran the fuck out of the ring, and came back to the locker room with new shorts.. i don't have it saved on my computer so i can't take screens...

what did you guys think?

I think you're looking at Maynard's rear end too much.

No he definitely shit his pants.

i'm glad at least someone agrees. maybe no one watched the the next episode last night?

ttt for some answers

I thought you were just being an ass at first, but I just re-watched it and thought you might be right. But it also might be that at some point in the fight he sat in the blood pool that Nate dropped.

lofl! that was Nate's blood, not Gray's shit. lol again.

LOL, that makes sense, i'm gonna try to get some screenshots though.

maybe it was a delicious shit-blood cocktail?

i bet shitting isnt uncommon at all considering the nature of the sport

I WAS wondering why he ran out of the ring like that.

^ lol. greatest thread eva.

Randleman shit himself during his win over Babalu. He said he was sick as hell before/during the fight.

It happens in wrestling, so why not in mma

ttt for more answers

The whole gym smelled like hot poop. He shit himself. I want to see a rematch between Diaz and a non soiled Maynard.

Hey shit happens.

^ no shit.

I missed that episode. I gotta see that shit. Literally!

Don't rush to get it or anything. That episode was a pile of... something...

xyience shart?

Nate would have struggled for air and eventually tapped, IMO.