Mayweather is like Hercule from Dragon Ball Z

Mayweather got embarrassed by Conor in his own sport by taking 10 rounds to finish a MMA fighter making his boxing debut and even lost multiple rounds to Conor who proved to be on a completely different level than any boxer we've ever seen. His response was one of the most cartoonish and hilarious excuses we have ever witnessed in combat sports where he actually claimed "I carried Conor" and to at icing on the cake his fans are actually retarded and delusional enough to believe this.

It reminds me of that Dragon Ball Z episode where Hercule lost to Trunks then pretended he let him win and his fans actually believed him. Congrats Floyd fans; you are the real life version of parody cartoon characters that depict an exaggerated version of retarded combat sports and pro wrestling fans.

For reference to Mayweather/Hercule fans skip to 2:38 of this video 



He let him land that uppercut 






Most boxing legend agree Floyd did not carry Conor. 

And the few who side with Floyds basement dwelling fans are just trying to damage control the fact that Conor destroyed their sport with a single uppercut. 


So floyds daughter should marry sage northcutt then?

I know it's the holiday season and all, but I dunno if you should be hitting the sauce so hard, so early.