Maywether was in tears


My background is boxing-heavy, both in terms of training as well as just being around the sport.

Never have I come across any "circles" where it was an accepted fact that Haugen took a dive against Chavez.

Are you trolling?

'support his massive family' haugen was as big a punk as there ever was outside the ring and perpetually talked trash. and chavez quit drinking four months ago. he fought haugne a decade ago.
just admit it. when the black guy wins it's athletic ability and when the white guy wins it's with heart and class.

Why do people dislike cocky people? What is it about people that they want anyone who is good at anything to be quiet about it? Does it make you feel bad that you can't be as good, so therefore they should keep it to themselves?

If your cocky about your skills, but in reality you suck, then I could understand hating them. But if someone is cocky and actually IS that good then...good for them.

Is he the fighter that came out in Hightimes holding up that large nug of dank?

How is it cocky if he's really that good? Cocky would be if he said he was the best fighter in the world and fought like a little girl.

Haven't you noticed that all great champions believe that they are unbeatable? That's why you have people hanging around far longer than they should. Supreme confidence in your ability is NECESSARY in order to perform at that level.

"I'm no racist (define racism).... Was something said that wasn't true? I speak the truth, yes... I don't care what skin color a person has. I simply obeserve things than comment honestly one them."

Right ...

"Ray leonard, Foreman, Joe lewis etc. All BLACK fighters with incredible dignity, heart and class... "

Where's the love for Joe Frazier?!? :-D

And the award for most obvious racist on the UG goes to:


Seriously if you named ONE black fighter on your gritty/classy list, people wouldn't be jumping all over you.

Next time try mentioning Hagler, Mosely, Winky Wright, Frazier, Foreman, Holyfield or Glen Johnson among others; and people might not find out how much of a douche you are.

BTW Gatti has multiple DUI charges and yet you say he's classier than RJJ who has helped raise money for multiple charities and never committed a crime in his life?


Where's Frazier? Louis? I'm not a fan of calling out racism, but looks a bit cut and dried here...