McGregor 194 Open Workout

Hmmm, no kicking

Sub for later, thx. Phone Post 3.0

Honestly that just looks wired. That doesn´t look natural or confident. He talks about stifness and is totally tensed walking around with his shoulders up all the time.....His whole behaviour doesn´t look authentic too me. It´s pretty much the ego that creates the show around him......


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here you go

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neddac - Hmmm, no kicking
? There was plenty of kicking. Phone Post 3.0

Conor looked outstanding.

That was a true Champion work out.

Good to see. Phone Post 3.0

I think he looked outstanding as well. Very fluid, very accurate and superb reaction speed. He does those same two flashy kicks all the time though and I see nothing that tells me how he will do against the inside leg kick or Aldo's ground game.

So I still have no idea who's gonna win.