McGregors next fight

As much as I would love to see McGregor fight for the title I think one more is needed.
I say if Cub wins against Edgar it would be crazy to deny him a shot so maybe give McGregor Lamas but if Edgar wins make him vs Mcgregor for shot following Cub vs Aldo.

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nik lentz

Conor vs Burmudez/Lamas winner in Ireland

NY2LAzy - nik lentz

I think this would be a good test for McGregor. Nick Lentz has an in your face style that would be enlightening to see how Connor would deal with it. Plus he's a bigger 145er.

With that said I can't imagine the UFC matching him against Lentz at this point. Conor will either fight the winner of Aldo/Mendes OR Bermudez.