Me and SBGi

I need to clarify the statement I made last week. I am no longer a regional director for SBGi. Some of you may or may not know but my life looks like this (full time job, Working on Masters, run a gym, and in Jan "new addition") so I have/had zero time for any other distractions. I know that it seemed like I was leaving the gym totally but I am not. Since I have been around SBGi since day one, I plan to continue with a role in its growth. I will still teach at camps as well as help Matt evaluate coaches etc etc.


but the REAL question is ...

are you done with the ColdStone Vanilla Bean Milkshakes!!! ;-)

I think you know the answer to that.

No Paul,
The personal reasons were issues between friends. They have since been resloved.

Adam's been a key member of our community since the early days. And where else can you learn 'lobby boxing' : )

It is important to note that I got very little support from SBGi and Matt for my Lobby boxing program.LOL Thus the DVD was never released.

Lobby boxing founder AND a surprisingly svelte go-go dancer. It was a beautiful thing.

and you can't forget good taste in bars, or so i've been told ...

tho on a ligther note i've heard that paul is a very good name for "new aditions", i'm sure a few SBGer's will agree with that statement :)