Me & Wes have 10 UFC 27 posters!

I was talking to Sims yesterday & said"Hey, remember when me,you,&Coleman flew to UFC 27 in New Orleans ?" Well I must have grabbed a stack of posters cause I have 10 of them. He's like hell no!!I am donating a couple of them to "Sims Army" & we are trying to figure out something cool to do w/ the rest on here. I need to look cause I prob have 28 & 30 also......You don't need to butter me up by telling me that I am the Best Damn Reff in Ohio cause I already know that !!!

I remember flying back home after 27 w/ Severn after Mo Smith ended that fight fast w/ 2 leg kicks.

The card was poop, but Ill pay 125 for the 10

Donate them to the Ryan B. fund IMO.

OK. If I receive the posters, Ill donate 125 to Ryan's (RIP my brotha) fund.

Rizzo dropped Severn with the leg kicks. Mo Smith fought Bobby Hoffman.

Oh, and NotJohnMarkCarr is gay.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Dan...I stand corrected. You are right. Pedro threw a leg kick & then another & Dan waived in the air that he was done. Awesome kicks.I also hung out w/Fabiano Iha,Marco Ruas, & Joe Moirara(sp).......

If Wes is promising them , dont count on it !

We could put them up on ebay for the ryanbennettmemorialfund as I add stuff everyday

Ill buy 1. Plus i am from the great state of Ohio.



Mr. Matheny,

How about hooking up an old friend? How have you been?

I'll buy one I went to the show


I want no money for myself but will give them all to good causes. Wes is coming to Newark (Oh) on Wed to get some of them..

Wasn't that the last one with John Peretti commentating ?

That alone makes these posters collector's items!! It was the end of an era for a legend!!!

Captain Insano X, I am from West Virginia where "me and wes" is correct english.....

Wes & I sounds too gay.........

Just talked to Wes . He is in Cleveland for "Season's Beatings" that I am reffing tonight & he reminded me to bring the posters to the show.Will be a great show. Come S'port the Sport..........