Meca Vale Tudo 11:card

From Tatame website:

Complete card(subject to changes)

- Alex Gazé vs André Jacão;

- Suyan Queiroz vs Luciano Azevedo;

- Ivan Batman vs Alexandre Baixinho;

- Luciano Cardoso vs Parazinho;

- Junior Besouro vs Luiz Brito;

- Delson Pé de Chumbo vs Jorge Patino Macaco;

- Daniel Acácio vs Carlos Baruch;

- Jadyson Costa vs Milton Vieira;

- Gustavo Ximu vs Nilson Castro;

- Luiz Azeredo vs Tony de Souza.

Man, i can't wait to see Nílson de Castro vs gustavo Ximú(if both go to trade), Azeredo vs Tony de Souza and Macaco vs Pé de Chumbo.And there'sa lso Daniel Acácio vs Carlos Baruch.

Excellent card.

Peace and''um grande abraço''

Thanks for posting the card, Bro Hymn. I watched my first Meca event the other day. You are one luck guy being able to see this live!

Unknow:this show will be also aired live. I really hope that more foorum guys could get acess from Meca videos. Kick ass show comming...

Peace and''um grande abraço''