Meca World VT DVD's

Just watched the 'Best of Meca World Vale Tudo KO's' Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 DVD's from France. These are region 2 PAL format DVD-Video, not DVD-R. They even come with a full color glossy magazine with pictures of all the fights on the DVD. Photos include Wanderlei Silva, Pele, Murilo Ninja Rua, Anderson Silva, etc. The DVD's also feature behind the scenes training with the Chute Boxe Academy. The DVD's are in the French language. Volume 1 is 120 minutes and features the following matches:

Murilo Rua vs. Adriano Bad Boy
Nilson De Castro vs. Daniel Acacio
Anderson Silva vs. Jose Barreto
Assuerio Silva vs. Mamute
Murilo Rua vs. Israel Albuquerque
Wanderlei Silva vs. Todd Medina
Murilo Rua vs. Luiz Claudio
Ximu vs. Jose De Oliveira
Anderson Silva vs. Claudinor Fontinelle

and 5 other matches.

Volume 2 is 3 hours and features the following matches:

Jose Pele Landi vs. Diamante Negro
Assuerio Silva vs. The Pedro Otavio
Anderson Silva vs. Israel Alburquerque
Murilo Rua vs. Rogerio Sagate
Assuerio Silva vs. Walter Aba
Jorge Macaco Patino vs. Ximu Machado
Mauricio Shogun Rua vs. Rafael Capoeira
Evangelista Cyborg vs. Silvio Urutum
Nilson De Castro vs. Lucas Lopes

and 6 other matches. So there are 14 matches on the first volume and 15 matches on the second volume. These are all complete matches.

All the DVD's from France come with the full-color magazines of the events, including all the Pride and UFC releases. Wish the U.S. UFC and Pride releases came with the magazines. Very nice package completely sealed together.

These were picked up for me by a friend who went to France. Excellent quality releases !! Definitely worth adding to your collection !

I hear you can also get the individual event videos from FYI sells the first two events on VHS, while the French DVD's are compilations of the various Meca events.