MECCA MMA's new women's classes in Toronto

MECCA MMA, located in downtown Toronto, has become well known for its women's program. We've produced several successful grappling, kickboxing and boxing competitors, including Pan Am champions and pro grapplers. In 2009 MECCA hosted the second Women's Grappling Camp, and will be hosting the fourth camp in August 2010 (

We're regularly seeing 15 or more women in our free Friday night women's classes, and that's pretty exciting. To accommodate the need, Mark Stables' Fembot Army is expanding!

In addition to the Friday night women's BJJ class, we are now offering a Wednesday night women's judo class, a Saturday morning women's wrestling class, and a Sunday afternoon women's BJJ class.

Wednesday, 6-7pm: Women's judo
Friday, 6-7:30pm: Women's BJJ
Saturday, 11am-noon: Women's wrestling
Sunday, noon-1pm: Women's BJJ

We feel very strongly about promoting women's grappling and building a strong women's community in the sport. So, as always, all of our women's classes are free of charge and open to women from any affiliation/academy and of all experience levels. No drama, no politics, just solid technical training in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

The MECCA women's program is run by volunteers and supervised by Mark Stables, a BJJ black belt under Marcus Soares, Carlson Gracie Team.

For more information, visit our website at Hope to see you there!

610 Queen St. West, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON

"To accommodate the need, Mark Stables' Fembot Army is expanding!"

The term "Fembot Army" has a nice ring to it!!! :)

awesome good job guys!

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insomnia - I guess girls don't like being mounted by guys.

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