Medal at the Mundials

sorry guys, my bad, he did sub 6 guys. royler and rickson were there coaching him. royler threw a brown belt onto the mat when he subbed the last victim.

re the blach belts. awesome two days. soooo many good fights. the absolute final was insane, the place went nuts. xande denied roger the absolute championship for the forth year in a row. almost feel sorry for roger, but he is just so freakin huge, i have go for the little man. even though xande is not small by any stretch he looks it fighting roger. basically xanda evened the score by throwing roger with about 15 seconds to go. time ending with the score even but xande ahead by one advantage.

marcelo garcia won his division beating andre galvao in the final. garcia seemed not up to his usual standard but that didn`t stop him. he also subbed his first two opponents in the absolute who were both much bigger than him before being back choked by roger.

roger won his divison subbing all his opponents either from the mount or back.

xande won his division. pretty sure he subbed most if not all his opponents.

brulio estima (who runs barra london with roger) won his division.

there were so many great fights it is hard to remember it all. to cap off the night i went to help discoteca with soph, couple other girls, and jacare.

see all you ninjas soon.

dmma (dave in la - halfway home)

ps. thanks rev, i will be taking you up on the training. need to start preparing for kron in the brown belt next year :-D

cheers dave.

not you, dave felsted. You will make me get tired...

in twenty seven seconds



go put up a shelf

27 seconds.....and i bet that's even all, you guys

Any news about other aussie fighters?

Marcelo's and Peter's guys?!

I know that Marcelo took 4 or 5 guys to Brazil and PDB send about the same number.

This year just 1 person from ROOTS went to Brazil(Paul Rowland-midle weight blue belt)) but he lost in his 1st fight unfortunatelly.

Congratulations to Sophie for her silver medal and everyone who did the trip to put it on the line over there!

This is the way to go.



Did u take any pics or vid of the fights?? if so could u post them for all your fellow underground members he he ?? ;)

marcelo had 7 competitors.
julio won 2 matches in his absolute, he also won his first in his div before getting caught in an armbar late in his 2nd match in which he was even.

marcelo moyses lost his first. he suffered a training injury to his ankle a few days before hand.

guga lost his first on points.

eugene hynson lost his first on an advantage

nick bova lost his first to the eventual 3rd place getter.

will lost his first on points, while his brother won his first and lost the 2nd on points

pdb had 4 guys i think

mick wilson won 3 by sub in the absolute, before getting robbed. he lost his first in his div

chris won his 1st by sub.

im not sure on antony or ivan.

hope this helps

that all sounds right from what i now....

rev, where are you man. i am at the club now, where are you :-) i already miss the mexican food in la btw.

thanks for the kind words paulo. soph did great. looking forward to seeing more aussies compete at the pan ams and mundials next year.

dmma (dave now in melbourne)

I'll be there around three Dave