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Tyron Woodley shared a post on Instagram: "Drop a " #KT ♦️♠️" below if it

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Tyron Woodley Put A Ring On It!

The “Fight of the Night” could refer to the amount Woodley got paid for one of his performance bonuses went to pay for the ring. He received a $50,000 performance bonus six times in his UFC career, and Fight of the Night his last time out in a loss to Vicente Luque.

The engagement took place in front of Dublin Castle. Woodley got down on one knee and shared his love for his fiancée, Kai. She immediately said yes and the couple shared a kiss.

This will be the second marriage for Woodley. He was married to fitness trainer Averi Woodley previously, and the two have four children together.

Although he might be most known as a UFC fighter, recently he made his way over to boxing and lost in two matches to Jake Paul. The 40-year-old is now looking to return to MMA but probably will not return to the UFC. He is entertaining the possibility of other organizations at this time.

Still Wood

Spreading out that Jake Paul money.

Good for Woodley. He earned it.



I hope he doesnt fall in and out of love with her


I hope he’s happy. Hope he saved his money too

Hes so obsessed with looking like a real hood nigga that he probably divorced his wife just to say hes got 2 babys mamas

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dayum son

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tenor (4)

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