meeting jens update

Jens was awesome with everyone at the event last night. nonstop long line for taking pics with jens and his belts. i was really impressed with how down to earth he is. i always liked him but was not a HUGE fan but my view of him has definitely sky rocketed after meeting him.

my friend colonel dave sanford picked jens up and was taking him around to meet people and jens wanted to train. so-they get up and do a 5k run with a ton of marines at 6am. dave tells me, this marine walks straight up to jens, had to see the approach, funny, and shakes jens hand with a real serious look in his face and tone of voice says, "jens, great to meet you sir i am a real big fan of yours" "so, jens did you get that ground game worked out"

can you believe it, what a dumbs ass. jens was awesome, instead of just saying oh i got my right hand and knocking him out, he was like yeah man, i've been working hard improving some things. jens was awesome.

ttt for a funny story

jens is the fuckin man!

i had to laugh when he was taking pics with a long ass line coming at him. someone asks me to go over by jens and make sure he's ok. i'm like are you kidding me, you think he needs a body guard

Jens is a good dude and good for the sport.

Super nice guy and alot bigger in person.

Jens took pics with all my family in October. Very cool guy.

jeff: did you notice how big his hands are?

he's got that evil stare down pat

Jens is a serious pimp. He has the class and character of a true
gentleman! Not at all what you would expect from someone with the
rough upbringing he had.