Megan Olivi speaks to The GOAT

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Apparently he is not doing well behind the scenes if some rumours are to be believed.

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I donโ€™t think anyone would be surprised by that.

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Drinking? Business problems?

A drink and drugs problem apparently which some are claiming is affecting his speech patterns. He went off on a youtuber yesterday for it in quite a funny rant IMHO.

This was the video that Conor was responding toโ€ฆ

He needs to collab with Oscar De La Hoya for a better stuff :laughing:

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lol yeah Oscar has been quite funny on Twitter recently!

He looks like Wanderlei in that thumbnail.


Why do i think he is fat, in a fight night he is gonna wear tshirt as women do
The utube comments are good too

I saw it yesterday, in 5h 400k views

The youtube guy just did a response video a few hours a go. I forgot Conor apparently forced a 42 year old woman to jump off a ship?

Leather Pants Megan,โ€ฆ Little Hottie


This thread is clickbait. Whereโ€™s Fedor?


I hope Chandler is taking notes from the Khabib massacre and is preparing to do the same.


The YouTubers a clown though. I remember Fury went off on him too a while back, typical smartass power lifter whose never been in a scrap in his life


Yeah never been a fan of the guy but I do find it funny how much he was able to trigger Fury and McGregor!

Andrew Tate already wrecked that roidhead and exposed him as a closet homo

Conrat is an ugly midget who looks like a shaved rat without his beard. Grow that shit back the plastic surgery failed.

I was expecting her to be speaking to Jon Jones.

Left very dissapointedโ€ฆ