Melendez vs. Aoki!!!!


Very tough fight for Aoki.

I could see that playing out a bit like Aoki vs JZ... probably I'd go with Melendez via TKO or decision.

I think gil outboxes him while avoiding the takedown/flying guard pull.

Rubber guard no worky this time, imo.

Aoki's ded. DED!

Aoki buy sub. some type of choke or some type of leg lock.

sifucharles - Aoki buy sub. some type of choke or some type of leg lock.

nah, aoki will be too distrcted by the diaz brothers flipping him off from gil's corner to attempt any submissions.

GIL will stop wim with gnp off a bullshit takedown.

as funny as it was, aoki needs to win to make up for the whole "middle finger" incident. i really don't see that happening though.

Aoki by armbar


I like em both, will be a great fight.

(although avoiding subs for 5rounds would be tough against Aoki)

this shit aint goin 5 rounds lol

Love this fight. I think Gil wins this one, TKO. Plus we get to see the first butt-scoot offense on network television!

I think Gilbert is going to win this convincingly.

Gil by gnp!!!

Please Gilbert....send this guy back to Japan.

kancho assassin - Gil by gnp!!!

I agree with Shane and Todd imo...1

While i could see Aoki pulling out some insane sub(probably armbar) i really think the odds are in Gil's favor. Better striking, superior wrestling and conditioning. Gil has really been improving more with every outing and i think this win will put him in the top 5 at 155lbs.

aoki haters will be crying once again as the rubberguard master proves that he and it are the shit