melvin guillard question

does anyone know if melvin trains any bjj? no offense but his choke defense is terrible. imo he needs to hook up with a better training camp

I am still smiling this morning that he lost last night.

I loved how Melvin was saying under his breath as the winner was announced that it is not over yet.

Hey was over when you tapped bitch.

F - You Melvin!

Melvin=Rich's bitch!

Ha ha you coke snorting asshole. You fucking lost because you have no ground game.

i would be hiding if i were him. he embaressed himself in front of like 100000000000 ppl!

is it true that they fought again after the fight or is that just a bs rumor????

I've never met him so I don't really know what his personality is like, but from what I've seen and heard he's just your garden variety thug - not impressive IMO, it was good to see him humbled (if not humiliated).

That is a BS rumor. They never even saw each other again after the fight backstage or anywhere else.

Dana told them both to relax and leave it in the cage, and both guys let him know they had no intention of carrying on anymore outside the cage

Kids only 24....if he improves on the ground he will be deadly (much like Alexander). He may be an asshole or simply playing the heel, but you can't teach the kind of punch that he packs.

He's a punk, the worst kind of pro fighters. Ooozes arrogance and disrespect so I hope to never see him in the UFC again.

Not a fan at all. Nothing can change that for me. I feel bad for what happened to him back home after the storm and his personal losses....but as far as the way he presents himself in in PROFESSIONAL sport, he is a punk.