Memphis TN MMA??

I have a friend who has to move to Memphis for his job. ?He is seeking
out good training gyms in MMA?? Any advice here on where to go.
I have heard through others about a club called "Team Primal".
Anyone ever hear of it or what they offer?


There are two gyms that I know of,

Memphis BJJ and Judo (maybe the name is wrong) with Ferguson (BTT Brown) and a few other guys teaching (I trained with them a few times when they were a Gracie trainin association, probably 5-6 years ago). Also, try calling Germantown Baptist Church and ask for Jonathan Border... he is a Nova Uniao brown and a great Muay Thai instrcutor as well. If you get in touch with him, tell him Kyle said hello. Actually I just found his number at the church, 901 283 0871.

I think your friend would get some great training with either group. Sorry, I haven't met anyone from the place you asked about.



Don't know team Primal but you've got Memphis BJJ rab by Dave Ferguson and Midsouth Kickboxing ran by Jeff Mullen. Jeff Mullen runs the local MMA events. And both gyms have guys that fight in the FFC and other shows in the region.


Yeah, I forgot about J. Border. I think he only does classes 1 or 2 times a week, though...not certain for sure.

Mid-south Martial Arts
BJJ - Kickboxing - Muay Thai - MMA
Ran by Jeff Mullen who is a K-1 and UFC Judge as well as the local fight promoter here in Memphis. We hold amateur fights every 2 months on Beale Street. This is where I train.

Memphis Judo and Jiu-Jitsu
BJJ - Muay Thai - Judo - MMA
Ran by David Ferguson a BTT brown belt who brings in a lot of great people for seminars and currently holds the Memphis BJJ title-belt ;)

You can't really go wrong with either group of guys, since Memphis fighters all tend to be very supportive of each other. Train at one place and you're pretty much welcome at the other when necessary.

Memphis BJJ's top trainer is David Ferguson, who fights both mma and gi/no-gi grappling. I saw him fighting this weekend at the Arnold's losing to Saulo Ribero. He is good.

Jesse Ault is the other trainer who also fought at the Arnold's this past weekend. I believe he fights in the FFC and other top NHB events.

I think there is another brown belt there that competes alot too. I can't think of his name but I have heard that he has walked through some very tough competitions.

The three schools mentioned above all have good people who on occasion train together. No real politics here in Memphis. We are pretty fortunate for that.

The best thing your friend can do is to investigate each school and then make a decision on where he would like to train. When he gets to town he should visit all three schools and attend the classes. He will then know for sure what school, instructors, students, etc. he feels most comfortable with.

David Ferguson
Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu
(901) 355-8091

Ferg went against Saulo?


The other guy zarker is talking about may be Mike Pyle, I've heard nothing but good things about him.

It's not Mike Pyle, I have seen Pyle fight and he is incredible. This guy is much lighter than Pyle. I didn't know Pyle trains with the Memphis crew.

joel gingery is the guy. he is bad

this god damn forum is not working. ... btw joel gingery

Mike Pyle used to train here in Memphis with us and still does when he is in town. Pyle actually lives in Las Vegas now. Spoke with him yesterday and he told me about some great opportunities that he recently has been presented. Keep your eye on this guy.

Joel Gingery, Jessie Ault and myself do all train here at Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu. We definatly have a strong judo and BJJ school and we are working towards a strong Muay Thai program. We have many guys who are getting very skilled with their kickboxing and it is just a matter of time before we bring our kickboxing up to our grappling level. Our kickboxing trainer is Will Whitlow.

David Ferguson

p.s. Yes Ted I competed against Saulo in the semi-finals of the Arnold Pro no gi 16 man tourney. It was a great and humbling experience. How have you been Ted? Well I hope.

memphis judo and jiu jitsu taught me job skills and gave me the
confidence to talk to women. now i'm unemployed and my wife refers
to me as "the dude with the ugly ears that sleeps on the couch."
thanks joel and dave!

I will get the address of Primal cuz I am curious and if any of you guys
can go check it out. I just am curious if it is a mcdojo or the real thing.

I will send him an email of all the above listed places, and I am sure he
will take it from there. I guess depend on where he gets a place too.

ttt for Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu, the Official Gym of the FFC in Tennessee. Great groundwork and stand-up with a great bunch of guys. You can't go wrong there.

I have never heard of Primal. If you find anything out about them let us know. Interesting.

Ok having searched wide and high, you guys that are in Mephis should
go by and check this place out for czbjj, and come back with your

The location of Primal is 656 Madison near downton...

Would be interested in seeing what you guys find out?

Just found out a little about it in sort of a weird way. I need to go see for myself but from what I now know.... it maybe is a McDojo. Don't want to call it that until I see this place in person.

Once I find out more and know for sure what is going on with my own two eyes I will give the whole story if things unfold the way I think they will and I will let you know for sure about this "new" place.

David Ferguson
Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu