Mendez: Tukhugov looked bad due to staph infection

"Zubayr was on our team. He did everything possible, but no one knows what was really wrong with him. He had a staph infection throughout the week. He took antibiotics. If you had staphylococcus, then you know how much energy the disease takes. After the first round he was already squeezed. His legs gave out. Therefore, after a takedown, he simply laid on his opponent and didn't even strike," Mendez said in an interview with AKA Fight News. "If you recall the fight between Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson, you will also notice how quickly Kevin lost his strength after the first round. He also had staphylococcus. Zubayr got an infection in Thailand, apparently, while preparing for the battle."

That draw of his killed the odds on my parlay 

You have to be an asshole in order to fight when you have a staph infection 

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