Meniscus, Brace, and Judo

Hey guys,

Seeing alot of threads various places about knee injuries (and some guy posting judo = and an x-ray of the screw in his knee:-) made me want to ask you guys the following.

I'd already asked about judo with meniscus problems, but what would you do with a small tear that the doctor hoped you could get by with PT and a brace? Judo, yeah or nay?

Second, I only do BJJ at the moment (and yes, that can be really bad for your knees, I know) and someone told me young Judo guys do throws, older guys do Newaza, so why not just stick with BJJ?

I'd like to learn the throws and maybe learn how to teach kids (wayyyyyyy down the road) but don't want to get started in something where I'll be really limited.

Final question... I've had a doctor recommend a derotational brace to help control movement of the patela and all of the ones he recommended have a metal brace underneath the padding. Is this okay for practicing judo?

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it depends on how nuts you are. those braces hurt other people and if you want to learn to brawl in judo youd judt hurt people with it.

and what you heard about judo and old people is flat out wrong. judo is always throwing first ard foremost.



I've had 3 surgeries on my knee. Basically I have no meniscus. The most recent was April 03. (Injuries were not due to judo). I wear a knee brace, but it only serves as a reminder that my knee is not 100%.

The knee brace that I have has no metal as it would be illegal for competition. Like Josh said you can really hurt someone with a knee brace with metal.

Also the information you got about older guys doing primarily newaza is compelely erroneous.

You can find some potent braces, etc. via goggle searches.

We had a guy in practice wearing one of those metal kneebraces. It wasn't too bad. But he used 8 other softbraces over the metal one not to kill us all with it. He recently had the knee fixed thou cause he fininshed tearing his acl by kicking off a boot.

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the advice. I just have a heavy wrap at the moment, as I didn't think I'd want someone knailing me with a metal knee brace on. As for the groundwork/throwing/age thing, thanks for the info. Also, to the guys with all of the surgeries... you're an inspiration (and a bad influence as well:-).



Bodyglove makes a really good brace that I use - it has wide metal supports on the side that give your knee a lot of support. I've tried several different kinds, some really expensive (good health care package) and the $30 body glove is the one I like the most. I had a bucket handle tear of the lateral meniscus back in 1989. I've been doing jiu jitsu for about 3 1/2 years now and no problems (knock on wood). I've never had anyone complain about the brace either. Just out of curiosity, which ones is your doctor recommending?