Merry Christmas Canada!

To all my Canadian UG friends. To all of All at Ronin MMA ( 2006 will be a great year for Ronin)thanks for everything and I will be back really soon, Team Tompkins ( more success in Canada and on the World Stage), Dougie, Canario, Patow, my favorite dude with the orange beard JHR , Chad Hamzeh,Guardb8ker, Showdown Joe, the boys at Aristeia, Y2l, Colangelo, Loaf and Crew, BTT Canada

And to all the promoters in Canada who give fighters a chance to show what they trained so hard for. I hope 2006 will bring you all much success with your shows, may you fill your arenas and have the ability to bring in international talent for us Canadians to fight instead of beating up each other.

We truly have so much talent here and 2006 will be Canada's year

God bless you all

Right back atcha!

In the words of Dennis Leary, MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!!!