Mesi fight spoiler

Mesi wins by Majority decision, one draw and 2 94-93 scores.

that fight was close, and Mesi looked like shit. He stopped throwning left hooks after about the 3rd, and I kind of wondered if he hurt his hand. He looked real frustrated about halfway through

Sounds like a very close fight for Mesi. Based on the scoring if Barret would have done a little more he could have won it.

Mesi won the fight hands down, he admitted he needs work but he showed a lot of character and stayed in there to the end, I liked what I saw but he has a ways to go

Joe Massey didn't win this fight hands-down. If Barret could stay off the canvas we'd be looking at a majority decision the other way. I always said Joe Massey would have problems the first time he faced a boxer that had a chin and could move and give angles. Joe Massey is lucky Barret didn't have a punch.

Slick I saw the same thing with the jab. The right hand follows the jab leaving his chin open. I've seen others do that. It looks like they are trying to parry a counter from their opponent when they jab. It doesn't work. Mesi fought a guy who came to win. He looked like the wind came out of his sails after the knock down. He should learn something from this tough fight.

Dass - It's just a take on how George Foreman pronounced his name!

Mesi has some skills and power, but he proved last night that he is clearly not a top ten fighter. He holds his chin too high and exposed when he comes in to throw his left hooks, and has a poor jab. He hits pretty hard, but he doesn't have as much power as Tommy Morrison did.

So, while he's no Peter McNeely, the moment he steps in with a top ten guy like a Rahman, Oquendo, Byrd, Vitali, Wlad or even Tyson, he'll be exposed badly.

Slick, I was thinking the same thing about that little two handed jab thing he was doing. He's beggin to get countered when he does that.

I thought he did ok for himself. He was in control of the fight early and then it looked like he just started to run out of steam. Good learning experience for him, but I'll be curious to see how much more he can improve and move on up the rankings. Barrett took some good shots from Mesi which could be a sign that Mesi's punching power is a little over-rated. Given Mesi's style, he better hope it isn't.

Mesi looked scared after the knock down on 7th round. He was much more cautious after that and lost every round from 7 on. Luckily, he had round 1 trhu 6 to get the decision.

Nothing from round 6 on about Mesi was great. And the two hand jab thing got on my last nerve.

Anyone has more than a chance in hell of beating Vitali. With his stiffness and propensity for keeping his left down at his hip, all it will take is a decent boxer with a set of balls and a good right hand. There are no unbeatable fighters in the division today. Regardless of who gets the title after Lewis, they won't keep it for very long.