Message Delivered; James Zikic Looks To KSW XV

No sooner has the dust settled from a great fight (and win) up at Supremacy FC 1 in Gateshead, UK, James "The Messenger" Zikic is on his travels again and heading out to KSW to fight in a title eliminator bout.

We caught up with him after his fight with Andrew Punshon to get his take on the bout, and what it was like to be back fighting in the North of England.

Despite his last three outings being on big arena shows (KSW, Sengoku and BAMMA), James stressed that he didn't look upon this one any differently. Last fighting in the area years ago as an amateur boxer, he enjoyed his return, and taking moreso the silverware back down South:

“Supremacy was originally known as Strike and Submit, and I knew they were the biggest show up here. An active fighter is a good fighter - it helps you stay sharp - and it was for a title, so I didn’t see this fight as a small thing. I thought it was a good fight to stay active and help me in my preparation for international bouts.

“I’ve been in other people’s hometowns before. I’ve fought in Japan, and I’ve fought in Poland and Hawaii in people’s backyards, so I’m used to hostile environments. I just lap it up. I relished it,” Zikic continued, referencing his opponent’s fervent support.

He's going to take on Chmielewski in Warsaw. Should be a good fight!


Best promotion outside the US.

Definitely one of Europe's elite, although Superior Challenge are gunning for that too. Can't wait to get out to one sometime - I've already been to SC!

I bet KSW would be a trip!

 Zikic got the win, and therefore the title shot!

Full results here: