METRO FIGHT CLUB needs instructor

Metro fight club needs an instructor! What we are looking for is someone qualified to teach NHB,SUB-WRESTLING,BJJ. ext... Gym is fully equip with everything you need! email me for more info,

TTT somebody needs to take this opportunity.

Excellent Gym and location! Highest possible recommendation.

This gym has everything. Prime location, two fairtex bananna bags, a heavy bag, pull up bar, tons of gloves(BOXING,NHB), Wall to wall mats. Everything you need to become a champion, except a instructor!!!!!!!!!!

What happened....I know I am not from MI, but I thought you guys had several people there teaching & training!


How much does it pay and where is it located?

How much does something like that pay? Do you base pay on a salary? On an hourly basis? Or per the number of students that show up?