metzgers last fight?


He had the fight in Europe I think as his last one then he was supposed to rematch Tito, I heard after he had his heart attack (or was it a stroke?) that he had retired.

WOW He had a heart attck? damn.. was it from ephedra or roids?

guy had a stroke or something similar. nothing under handed going on.

Last time I seen him was at UFC61 nice guy....

["A stroke in a guy his age would be almost unheard of BTW, it's very fishy to me."]

No, it isnt too uncommon, around a third of stroke victims are under 65. There are many situations through health or accident that can cause strokes.

When my mother had a stroke, I was surprised as hell to see two 40-45 year old guys in her rehab. One of my moms rehabbers was a woman who had a stroke in her mid-30s and she explained the facts.