MFC/IFL June 3rd, bad scheduling

If I had to choose, I'm taking MFC over IFL on June 3rd. Both shows are in A.C and the MFC had the date secured before the IFL, so this is really a case of poor planning by the IFL. Hell they ran their last event the same day as the WEC as well:


I'm sure both will be quality events, but in my opinion MFC will be the must see event, plus the next day is a seminar with Fedor..


what say you?

great point, didn't think about that. Except I wonder if FSN will broadcast all the fights, or just certain ones.

anyone else?

They'll probably just show certain fights

that's what I'm thinking.

I think we had it scheduled and public first, but they had the date approved at the boxing commission. The commission approved both dates (thankfully).

No sweat, I think we have different crowds.

I believe you did as well, your show is the winner as far as I'm concerned.

what is this IFL of which you speak?

it sux that the IFL has scheduled their first two shows in conjunction with other top shows in NJ.

Their first show was held in conjunction with Reality Fighting and I'm sure had it not been the same night there ticket prices would have been much better.

Of course the two shows really were marketed to differnt audiences, RF towards the locals, and IFL towards the generic fans. I think MFC will be more of a threat to the IFL as they target the same fans, but in my opinion are putting on a better card.

Now, had the IFL put there shows on the same weekend, but say on the Friday night, both shows would have benefited.

my point exactly Chris, they are far to green to think they can out muscle shows that are established and have an excellent product and track record, imo..

I market to a blend of local and generic fans, so you know, my shows are always half full!

It isnt they want to outmuscle, I feel like they focused on UFC as competition and didnt even pay attention to others...

Did they know UFC allegedly re-upped their ad budget 3x in AC last show? Big shows dont do that well here.... MFC 2 was FUCKING huge.....

I think the whole plan for the first 2 IFL shows was to get together the first two episodes. I don't beleive that the IFL will be making Atlantic City it's home.


lol. it's true about eddie alvarez!

"Of course the two shows really were marketed to differnt audiences, RF towards the locals, and IFL towards the generic fans."

I think they are learning....from their website,

Local Fighters, Including Hoboken's Jamal Patterson, New York City's Erik Owings and Long Island's Jay Hieron, to be Showcased at Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City


And since Fedor requested my presence at the MFC, I will be there

I believe that the IFL has both dates scheduled with the boxing commission it wasn't bad planning on their part.

AGJ, you better do what he says.....

I believe as was the case IFL may have secured the dates, but not announced their shows. Fortuanetely when other promoters looked for a date from the commission I don't think they were made aware of other's shows on the same day.

Holy smokes Batman I can run from one show to the other to see some of my friends fight!!!!  Sweet!  MFC I'll be there;-)