Michael Moorer as a LHW

Was an absolute wrecking machine. Anybody have any footage of him at LHW?

I have only seen snippets. Its ashame that his legacy is diminished by his later HW efforts, as a LHW he was fast, stylistic and a true champion.

I would love to see some footage of his earlier full fights as well.


Yeah, you're right, it is a shame. When he moved to HW he became a much different fighter.

With the exceptions of the Cooper (one of the best heavyweight fights EVER) and Stewart (another good one) fight, Moorer had a habit of being lazy and letting his opponent dictate the pace.

At LHW he was an absolute animal. Probably because his suspect chin wasn't in as much danger at LHW and he could go after people more without fear of getting hit.

but if he did not get hill in those three rounds he would have lost focus and been outpointed

All time favortie fighter. He would have destroyed Hill. His best night other than Holy was his war with Alex Stewart. Great fight.

Moorer was shattered when Foreman landed the punch. He dominated the fight and got caught with a one two that is replayed anytime heavyweight boxing highlights are shown.

Unfortunately he will be known more for that loss than he will for his impressive career.

i have 4 or 5 of his LHW fights. the guy had it all, i'm not sure he ever should have moved up

i still have no idea how anyone could have scored the first Holyfield fight for Moorer

"His best night other than Holy was his war with Alex Stewart. Great fight."

The Stewart fight was good, but the Cooper one was MUCH better. I believe that got Ring Magazine's fight of the year in '91.

thats interesting...never thought of the fix.

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"he took a fucking dive, the right hand that 'knocked him out', was nothing, he got a massive pay-off..."

that's not a very intelligent thing to say. how much money do you think someone would have to get in order to deliberately lose the HW title on their first defense? think about how much guaranteed money you'd be throwing away

your scenario isn't plausible in the least, especially since the punch that floored Moorer is clearly visible on tape and looks pretty hard to me

took a dive.... not many natural 180lbs fighters can take a straight right from arguably the hardest puncher in heavy history.

As the great trainer George Benton said referring to George "If he hits you, you'll be the deadest SOB in the cemetary".

"the punch wasn't hard, it was soft, i urge you to watch the replays, it was nothing comppared some of the punches he took at LH "

you are insane and i doubt you've ever even seen that entire fight

just for starters, getting hit by a LHW isn't the same as getting hit by the guy with the highest KO percentage in HW history, regardless of how hard the punches look to you

Foreman clocked him with the right cross...Moore stated he was already punch drunk...the 1-2 combo afterwards finished the job.

"no shit, but that's not the argument..getting hit by a fatigued 47 yo Foreman in the later rds is not the same as getting hit by a fresh 25 yo Foreman in the early rds...do you agree? "

older Foreman weighed more and quite possibly hit harder if you were dumb enough to stand right in front of him. mass x velocity = force, you know

"i watched it live and have seen countles replays, nothing convinces me otherwise.. "

hey, you said it right there, didn't you? nothing will convince you otherwise. have fun with your conspiracy theory, try not to let the facts bring you down

Someone once put together a youtube video of Moorer claiming it was a lucky shot, followed by a seemingly endless stream of footage between rounds of the fight of Teddy Atlas saying variations of "Watch out for the right! He's suckering you into the right!" Funny stuff.


1.Moorer has a weak chin
2.Foreman (at any age) hits like a truck.
3.The right landed right on the point of the chin.

1+2+3= Legit KO.

And by the way, I was a HUGE Moorer fan and rooting for him big time, but the truth is, George KHTFO.