Michael Morales vs. Trevin Giles

Up next… I got Giles

Morales via decision.

I just hope everyone has fun.

Wow, Giles was winning and looking good.

Morales went after Giles when he hurt him, but Giles decided to wrestle when he stunned him very early on. Low fight IQ.



Giles has done this a few times

In his last fight he tagged Du Plessis a few times, got baited into a firefight, left his chin out and got slept.

He has all the skills in the world but refuses to make good decisions.

Wtf is up with Beltran manhandling Giles after he waves off the fight, bizarre.

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It seemed Giles was confused and maybe thought he was still in the fight. I think Beltran was just holding him to be safe and give him more time to regain his senses.

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He let Giles take quite a few unanswered shots and Valdez earlier, it’s fair to say Beltran is a little off tonight

Very low. Hurt a guy standing, so you run in and hold him against the fence and do nothing while he recovers.