Michelle Kennedy in lingerie?

I'm guessing this'll get most of your guys' attention... lol...
and if you're a male and it doesn't, then please feel free to discard your heterosexual membership card before leaving the building...

Michelle Kennedy (the official RAZE girl)

and yes... if you click the picture you will get to see lots more pics...
hope you guys like...

help out with a ttt... :-)

Looking at those pictures gives me a funny feeling in me pantalones.  Wet dreams here I come!

TTT for TiTTies ( . )( . )


*jaks furiously

gets angry

*gets happy*


Call me when the thread title says "Michelle Kennedy in nude?"


damnn! the asian chic wearing that red lingerie is hot! ttt!

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh my that hurt!!

aye chihuahua

Both hands tired.

^^ disagree

WOW! the one with the black fishnets and  all black outfit looks like she has a HUGE BOX!

and the one with red/leopard has HUGE COX!

LOL j/k

*in case he sees this

SHIT!!! My kettlebell callouses have chaffed my CACK!

^^^Keep a pumice stone, some Palmolive dishwashing soap, and a bucket of hot water on hand (pun intended). Smooth and hot. Works for me! rofl

She gets my vote for co-hosting Fighters Club TV...somebody hire her!!!