Mick Bowman - "die before I lose!"

 Isn't it time to stop saying such dumb shite ?

Not saying he would have died for anything, but he had 10mins, lol. It's stupid to have a 10 minute fight that can make or break a fighters' career. I think 15 minute fights are too short as well...At least at high levels. Regardless, I drive longer than 10 minutes to get to work and I'm still half asleep when I get there. How can you go into a fight, where anything can happen (which is also the most important fight of their life with cameras on), and only have 10 minutes to define your career? He did look bad though. His back hit the cage more than any fighter I've seen in recent memory and he couldn't block really anything. I feel bad for him though, he seems like a good dude. Phone Post

 My beef is saying something stupid. Like "I'll die before I lose and go home to my little girl". It's just stupid.  I think BJPenn is famous for that one as well.

he didnt lok willing to die

A simple, "I will give it everything that I have and I don't want to leave knowing I could have given more"

The I will die shit is stupid


BlahBreh -  And btw fighting infront of a million people is alot different then 2 ammy fights. Just sayin. Phone Post

 THere were probably more people in the room for Martel's fights than there were for Bowmans.

Knowing everyone is watching does get to most people.


RickMartelsArrogance - 
BlahBreh -  Still give em props doing something you would never do, and I think he won the 2nd and I'm sure he ment he won't give up he's a warrior Phone Post
Doing something I'd never do?  I've had 2 ammy fights.  I've also wrestled internationally, made a 6 figure salary  and have been asked to come help train some of the top fighters on the planet at Jackson's.


 Yes, he did get worked there. lol

for some reason Mick reminded me a lot of Mr. Bean.

Agree with OP...it does get tiring hearing the same battle cry...regardless of the outcome. The exaggerated statements involving war, death, kill are as "bro-ish" as the graphic tees most are wearing. Phone Post

 What 'owned' means is that you talk shit without having any idea what you are talking about :-)   You know

Mick seems like a decent enough guy and I am sure he meant and believed he was going to do everything in his power to win or he was going to die trying. He just does not/ did not have the skills to execute what was in his heart. That said, I feel that none of the fighters I have seen on this season of TUF are skilled enough to hang with anyone on the UFC roster for even 1 round. I could be wrong but that is just my opinion of what I have seen to date. Phone Post

I don't know about all this owned shit, but what the fuck does "made a six figure salary" have to do with anything?