Middleeasy destroying UFC 2010?

 a little out of control...



smash that shit!!!

 they should play it instead! ugghhhhh 6 more days

hahaha MiddleEasy FTW!

 We're blowing it up! Or smashing it. Still not sure but it's going down tonight and we'll record it. Actually, we're thinking about throwing the entire thing in a microwave or something equally as ignorant.

Any sugggestions?

middleeasy is like a mma news site with a bunch of crazy shit on it



You could probably sell it on eBay for $100 to some schmuck.

or they can just PLAY IT

Big deal, its out online, all you need is a modded 360 and anyone can get it.

I will most likely pick it up, but I want to wait about a week to see how people view the online. I hated that portion of the game last year, and I would rather wait and read what people have to say about it once the game has been out rather than be disappointed again like last year. 2009 was enjoyable, but the online got stale rather quickly.

EDIT For the people who are playing it now, how is the game so far?

EckY - Big deal, its out online, all you need is a modded 360 and anyone can get it.
Some of us don't want to get banned from Xbox Live.


It's pretty good, but I must suck on the ground, cuz I don't like it as much as the first game.

 its all about the right analog stick

Middle easy is just a weak ass website run by complete idiots.
Only retards would think the website is worth going to.

 Wow those lucky bastards.


Enjoy guys. This was filmed and edited after we polished a bottle of Absinthe. Forgot to add a 'Fuck the UG' at the end of it.


I got MW2 8 days before it came out. There's a warehouse in the city that sells copies before they're released. However it costs 25$ more per game. So I did the smart thing and preordered this at gamestop and will get my 7 free fighters, my 10 free fights, free street day shipping, and a 10$ off coupon. :)


Holy shit!!! MiddleEasy.com are such rebels for burning a video game disc 3 days before it comes out!

WTF reaction are these nerds looking for with this video?